A Revolution in Fitness
A Revolution in Fitness
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What is judofit?

JudoFit is the great new class designed for anyone looking for a challenging and fun workout. There’s squat and lunge combo’s for those who like LBT, if you enjoy combat style classes you’ll love the combat combo’s in JudoFit and if you want abs of steel, JudoFit has some killer core combo’s. JudoFit is the action packed, high energy class that has it all!

Combat style aerobic workout to music…but fear not there’s no throws or holds in JudoFit!

JudoFit has been developed using the core training principles of the Olympic sport of Judo.The routines and class programme reflects the training techniques used throughout the sport and uses movements which have been specifically adapted to provide a new, fun and exciting fitness class which aims to tone and strengthen the entire body.

Latest Events


Judofit at Hinkley Leisure Centre

Hinkley Leisure Centre

05:30 pm – 06:15 pm

Enjoy a workout and train like an Olympian with Judofit at Hinkley Leisure Centre. Every Friday – 09:30-10:30.


Judofit at Grimsby Leisure Centre

Grimsby Leisure Centre

09:30 am – 10::30

Every Friday – 09:30-10:30. Enjoy a workout and train like an Olympian with Judofit at Grimsby Leisure Centre.

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